Desktop PC Intel i3 3rd Gen 4 GB Ram SSD128 GB Storage 18″ Led

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Intel Core I3 Desktop with 18 Inch Led Monitor |Assembled Complete Computer System for Home, office & Business | ( Intel Core I3 3rd Generation,4 Gb Ram-128 Gb SSD, Keyboard, Mouse) Windows 10

I3 CPU | 4 GB RAM | 128 GB SSD | 18″ Led Monitor

  • I3 3rd Generation Processor
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 128 GB SSD Storage
  • 18″ Led Monitor
  • Intel Chipset Durable Motherboard
  • CPU Cooling Fan
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Heavy Power Supply
  • Compact Cabinet
  • Power Cable, VGA Cable
Preloaded Software and Ready to use


General Productivity and Everyday Use

Professional Workstations| Gaming Desktops | Creative Desktops | Other Specialized Desktops

    • Web browsing and email
    • Word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations
    • Online learning and education
    • Basic photo editing and video editing
    • Social media and communication
    • Engineering and scientific computing (modeling, simulations)
    • Architecture and design (CAD)
    • Video editing and animation
    • Software development
    • Financial analysis and data processing
    • Running the games at high settings and frame rates
    • Editing and creating gaming content
    • Graphic design and photo editing
    • Video editing and animation
    • Music production and audio editing
    • Servers for data storage and network management
    • Industrial automation and control systems
    • Medical imaging and diagnostics

I can provide categories of software that likely run decently on This PC

General Productivity:

  • Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) – Might experience slowness with many tabs open
  • Office Suites (Microsoft Office, LibreOffice) – Basic functionality should work well
  • Email Clients (Outlook, Thunderbird)
  • Media Players (VLC Media Player, Windows Media Player)
  • Photo Editing (GIMP, Paint.NET) – Basic editing possible, may struggle with complex tasks
  • Video Editing (Windows Movie Maker, HitFilm Express) – Basic editing possible, slow rendering times likely


  • Instant Messaging (Skype, Discord)
  • Video Conferencing (Zoom, Google Meet)


  • Antivirus Software

Development and Programming:

  • Text Editors (Notepad++, Visual Studio Code) – Lightweight options should work well
  • Web Development Tools (Brackets, Sublime Text) – Might struggle with complex projects


  • Music Production (LMMS, Audacity) – Basic music creation possible
  • 2D Drawing/Painting (Krita, PaintTool SAI) – May struggle with large canvases or complex artwork


  • Newer software versions might have higher minimum requirements.
  • Performance will vary depending on specific tasks and software versions.
  • More demanding software like high-end games, 3D modeling applications, or video editing with complex effects will likely run poorly.

Desktop PC Intel i3 3rd Gen 4 GB Ram SSD128 GB Storage 18″ Led

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 38 cm

2 reviews for Desktop PC Intel i3 3rd Gen 4 GB Ram SSD128 GB Storage 18″ Led

  1. Ratan gochar

    I got this product using coupon code and get discount of rs 1000 much satisfied with price of all components

  2. sagar mehra

    Price to sahi he aur sare product branded he mene Jyada ram ke sath discount acha he wese. Aur SSD wale system ki performance jyada hai. next time i7 hi lunga jyada farak nahi he price me

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